Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to get a treat

It’s a good thing we don’t live in Buckingham Palace or the White House, because having five cats to keep track of would be a nightmare for mom.
Take today for instance …

Today was the day the smoke and fire alarm would be tested in the condo building where we live.  Sure enough, around 2:00 p.m. there was a knock on the door and the superintendent announced that someone would be coming to the unit in a few minutes.

The knock on the door was enough to have Mickey, Charlotte and Gabriel running for cover.  Not Charlie, he’s relaxed about anything and everything and not me, (Chanel), because I happen to be under Dieter’s bed already.

I don’t know how the smoke and fire alarm was tested, but everything seemed to be in order and shortly afterward the front door closed.  That was when mom started her headcount.

She found Mickey, Gabriel, Charlie and me, but where was Charlotte?

She looked in all the usual places: under her bed, behind the cabinet, behind the love seat, but apparently she found nothing because I heard her stomping around the place.  She had another look under the bed, checked the linen closet, even opened some kitchen cabinet doors (heaven knows why she did that), but still Charlotte was not to be found.

So she switched to plan B.  “Charlotte, where are you?” she called.  “Charlotte!  Charlotte!” … no answer.

Okay then, over to plan C.  Mom got the treats out of the kitchen cabinet and rattled with the packet.  It’s a plan that never fails.  Within seconds Charlotte had materialized, along with the rest of the pack.  Yes, me included.  We just can’t resist a few treats.

So all was well that ended well.  The smoke and fire alarm worked and thanks to Charlotte we all got a few treats.  Is she a clever kitty or what?


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  2. I hate when the Z's find a new spot to hide, and I can't find them. Food never fails to get their attention. The next time this happens, let's see if Charlotte pulls the same ruse. :-)

  3. Charlotte has been pulling this stunt ever since she was a kitten Diane. How do you think I know rattling the treats bag will get her out of her hiding place? It never fails.

  4. Unfortunately, when the fire alarm goes off here randomly (it happens often now), Gracie hides under the bed immediately before I can react. I can never get her out anymore. Stupid me has not tried the treat trick. I will keep that in mind.

  5. Every cat has a weakness Alex, I hope you find Gracie's. If not, I'm afraid you're gonna have to crawl under the bed and pull her tail if necessary to get her to safety should there ever be a fire.