Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cat brushing

Everyone who owns a long haired cat knows that brushing is important. Not only does regular brushing keep the hair beautiful, it also prevents the fur from matting and the cat ingesting some of the hair while grooming.

Unfortunately, some cats don’t like being brushed. Or as Diane Q. put it

The groomer just left after an hour or wrestling, growling, snipping and brushing”

No, some cats don’t like the brush and use everything they have to fight being groomed.

Gabriel isn’t one of those cats. Quite the reverse actually. When he sees the brush he rolls on his back in a gesture of ... take me, I’m yours.

Brushing him is as easy as pie. I can get to his chest, his belly and his “armpits” without any problems.

The trouble starts when I proceed to Gabriel’s back and sides. As soon as I’ve scooped him up and put him on his feet, he flops down and rolls over for some more belly brushing. It usually takes a couple of tries to get him on his feet and have him remain in that position.

Smart as he is, he soon catches on that standing on all fours does not mean the end of brushing, but rather a continuation. And then Gabriel is all for it.

He enjoys having his cheeks brushed, he loves having his head seen to and he adores the brush gliding over his back and sides.

He gets a little nervous when I get to his pantaloons, turning this and that way to see what I’m doing back there but settles after a firm “Gabriel, stand still”.

For a finale his tail, by which time he’s flat on his back again, hoping for some more chest and belly brushing.


  1. Ah, a cooperative cat. In my next life, I'd like one of those. Lucky you! :-)

  2. Look at it this way Diane, your uncooperative duo were my inspiration for this blog post.