Friday, August 5, 2011

Brutus the Rat Catcher

Today's guest blog post comes from Amanda Dcosta.  Amanda writes informative articles for and from time to time dabbles in creative writing.  The following is a poem inspired by lazy kittycat who turned out to be quite useful.  To see more of Amanda's work, please visit

Brutus / Uterus: Make Up Your Mind!

Here is a tale of a cat from home
Who never bothered when any one called
The name that he was given.
Or was it he tried to tell us his preference?

His name was Uterus. No, Brutus, in fact.
The house maid could never pronounce it right
We never corrected nor told her his name
After we heard her again and again.

Poor Brutus, or Uterus, I wonder if he knew 
that his name was a tongue twister, for she
Spoke a different tongue, and it 'mused us so
We'd laugh and laugh our guts right out.

Brutus was a lazy cat
Who'd sit around doing nothing but
Eat and sleep and sleep and eat
The dogs eyed him as real treat.

Every dog has its day, it's said
But what if it's Brutus, then what of that?
He got his chance to clear his name
Would he jump to it or consider it insane?

The cabinet shut, was all a mess
The food inside was contaminated
A rat had made its way inside
And found a lovely place to hide.

The plastic jars were chewed into
The biscuit packs were eaten through
The baby food was a disaster to see
The shelf was just so darn oily.

We didn't know how to deal with that
Did we need a rat trap or a glue pad?
To have Brutus catch it, was never thought of
Coz he just never moved whenever we'd want.

Brutus sat as if he was deaf
We called out Brutus! , but he paid no heed
Then to the rescue she came and said
Oh Uterus, Uterus, and he lifted his head.

With one swift move he jumped into
The cabinet we opened for him
Just wide enough to let him through
And before we knew it, he was out again.

We jumped around, to view him better
Brutus was finally a rat catcher.
He won his game, between his teeth
Our Uterus, that day, achieved his feat.

And then it struck me plain and clear
Of Brutus he was never sure,
But Uterus he loved to be
And that's what his name would finally be.


  1. Conny, thank you for posting my poem here. The writing is a bit raw and unrefined in this poem, but am glad I could contribute at least this for your blog.

    Alex, thank you :))