Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Gabriel

My little brother Gabriel is three years old today.  Let's see how he grew up.

Baby pictures first

The first photo taken at your new home
With your new daddy
Mickey became your big brother
You slept in the company of bears
With a kiss goodnight from Strike
At Christmas mom gave you a bow and some fancy earrings

You didn't like it and sulked

You like to sleep in unusual places
In unusual positions

You like to sit by the window
And smell the flowers
You like to stay up late
Relax by candle light
And sleep with your bear
You were the inspiration to mom's book 'Kitten Diaries'
And so now today you're three years old.  Many happy returns Gabriel.  Smile and say mouse ...
Okay, maybe not.


  1. What a huge tail he has! Love the Christmas pic, you should enter it in contests.

  2. If I ever see a competition with a Christmas theme, I will Alex.