Thursday, July 21, 2011

Something fishy

We have a new addition to the family. Actually, three new additions. I swear, I’ll never understand humans. Get this ...

One fine day, some seven years ago, mom came home with a little fish and a little blue plastic tank. “Hi Chanel,” she said, “Come over here and meet Blub.”
I took one look at the darn thing and I thought ‘Ah ah, that thing looks creepy.’

I know what you’re thinking ... a cat scared of a fish, but hey, we all have our little quirks. Some people are afraid of spiders, some of mice, I’m afraid of fish. They’re so slippery and slimy, they look at you sideways and their mouth constantly opens and closes ... eeeeuh (this is me shuddering), they give me the creeps.

So anyway, the months passed, Blub grew and before long his little blue tank became too small. So what did mom do? Instead of flushing the thing down the toilet, she went and bought a bigger tank. A year later tank number two was too small and now she really pulled out all the stops and got Blub a really big tank. I mean it was huge and it had everything: a castle, a tree, flowers and some shrubbery, the works.

Not only that, now that Blub lived in this really big tank, she got him a mate. They called him Spot. Probably because fish number two had a dark patch right in the middle of his head.

The years passed. Blub and Spot swam happily in their tank until one day Blub swam no more. He was found floating one morning, indicating that he had moved on to a bigger and better ‘ocean’.

Great, I thought, one down, one to go. Spot wasn’t happy being all on his own, even I could see that. He ‘sat’ in his little corner of the tank, not doing much of anything. It wouldn’t be long before he too departed to that bigger ‘ocean’. I couldn’t wait.

And what did mom do? Instead of helping things along and making fish and chips one day, she arranged for company for Spot. Not one fish, but three of them.

I admit, the new additions are tiny, barely the size of one of my claws, but if memory serves me correctly, those tiny things are gonna grow.

Oh why couldn’t she bring home a nice big fat mouse?

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