Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mickey and whipped cream

Are you familiar with Gay Lea whipped cream? Mickey LOOOOOOOOVES whipped cream, absolutely adores it.

A couple of nights a week, the humans in this house have ice cream after dinner. Clever cat that he is, as soon as he hears the freezer opening and sees the serving bowls appearing, he knows what’s up ... they’re having ice cream. And ice cream and whipped cream go hand in hand. So he positions himself in the kitchen and waits.

He never has to wait long. As soon as the serving bowls are filled with ice cream and fruit, mom puts some whipped cream on her bowl and he's getting a plate with his portion. Judging by the look on his face it's his piece of heaven.

What’s more, Charlie, Charlotte, Gabriel nor myself fancy whipped cream, so he has the whole plate to himself. By the time he's through with it, the plate is so clean, you can’t even tell there was something on it. And then he sits there licking his lips, over and over and over again. Some say that all that cream will go to his hips, but I don't think he's got anything to worry about. He looks pretty lean to me.

We all have our own little preferences.

Charlie likes Twinkies. When the humans have coffee, and they have Twinkies, he makes sure he’s there to get his share.

Charlotte likes treats. Actually, the word ‘likes’ is a bit of an understatement, she LOVES treats. Wherever she is, whatever she’s doing, when she hears the rattling of the treats bag, she goes storming for the kitchen. Literally, that girl would go over corpses.

Gabriel and I ... I don’t think we have a preference for anything. I’ve never seen him getting excited over food and neither have I. Now a fake mouse, that’s another thing, but that’s a subject for tomorrow.

Got to go. It's almost midnight and way past my bedtime. Catch you all tomorrow.

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  1. Gracie always sits next to me when I eat. Of course it's hard to avoid that in a tiny space. She eats most everything, except for vegetables. Well, I only give her tiny bits of course. I think she likes the socializing during mealtime as much as anything, not that I am going to join her for kibble though.
    Loves whipped cream too, I let her lick it from my fingers.