Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another one bites the dust

One of cats just broke a lamp.  I can’t say for sure who it was, but I have the strongest suspicious that it was Gabriel.  Don’t they say that criminals return to the scene of the crime?

Fortunately, neither mom nor Dieter were upset about the damage.  They even thought they had to take a picture of the culprit and moments later they were laughing.  If I could I would have laughed too.  I mean, look at Gabriel and Mickey’s eyes ... are they cats or light beacons?

How many things have been broken here I can’t even recall.  Lamps, vases, bowls, ornaments ... sooner or later they all bite the dust.

Then again, maybe this is a good thing.  Don’t they say that shards bring luck?  Mom, be sure to play the Lotto tomorrow.

Seriously though, mom had two identical lampshades on that cabinet and now there’s only one.  How much longer will that one live?  Your guess is as good as mine.
One thing is for sure, now Gabriel can stretch out to his heart's content.


  1. You can't blame a guy for having a plan. And those Kujo eyes that would make Stephen King proud are a hoot! :-)

  2. Haha I see you have doilies up, I could never have those with Gracie around. From all the cats I have had, she certainly is almost the most active. I laugh about it too, but it makes being someone's room mate almost out of the question.

  3. You've been doing fine so far Alex, maybe you don't need a roommate. And should you ever consider one, just be sure that he/she likes Gracie.

  4. I remember one year, after we found Jeff-Ryan (named after race car drivers and he did love to race) we had a Christmas tree with only plastic ornaments because he not only played with them but launched himself into the tree, using the recliner as a launching pad. My daughter called it the Ghetto Christmas tree.

  5. Fortunately my lot didn't show much of an interest in the tree last year. Mickey admired himself in the shiny balls from time to time, but they didn't attack it.