Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting groomed

While Gabriel relaxes from his little adventure, let me give you a little update.

In my previous post I mentioned that Gabriel had matted hair on his chest and that he was going to the vet.  Well, not really the vet, the groomer, but he is located in the vet's office.

That visit happened this morning.  First order of business was getting Gabriel in a cat carrier.  It’s a good thing mom has two carriers, because the first one was too small (or Gabriel too big).

Off they went in a cab and some 45 minutes later they were back.  They following is what I overheard mom telling Dieter.

Gabriel complained about this kind of treatment all the way to the vet’s office.  He made himself heard on the way to the elevators; he babbled non-stop in the car; and he continued his protest in the vet’s office.  There were a few dogs in the vet's office and they instantly stopped barking when they heard Gabriel's litany.

Since he had an appointment he didn’t have to wait.  Mom explained what needed to be done and one of the technicians whisked him away.

Ten minutes later the technician was back, informing mom that Gabriel’s nails were very long and if she could trim them.  The okay was given.  As long as he was there, might as well make the most of it.

When Gabriel was delivered back to the reception area, the technician informed mom that Gabriel had been as good as gold.  Apparently the technician’s helper had scooped him up in her arms and from there on Gabriel didn’t care what happened to him.  He didn’t bit or scratch, he didn’t even complain, he just lay back and let the knots be shaved from his fur.

When Gabe was home again, he got some treats.  Well, we all got some, but I think he got a few extra.

The cost of this little adventure ... $16,61.


  1. Wait a mninute, are you saying you had to pay 1,661, or is that 16.61? Even at 161.00 that woudl be a lot to have a cat groomed.

  2. At least you have cat groomers. I once needed a cat groomer for my Himalayan, but everyone laughed me off the phone - they only do dogs here. We ended up having to do it ourselves. The price seems cheap too.

  3. Sorry KT1, the grooming was $16.81
    Sixteen dollars and sixty one cent.
    I should have used a decimal point, not a comma.
    Blame it on my fingers.